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Arizona Cactus

                        April 17,2013   We race 2000 miles into the wind  to procure a summer residence in the Arizona sun, Ira and Eileen are moving to the Bay and their place is up for sale, now it's bought and the RV is sold, so it's a quick change of lifestyles.
So Now here we sit!  

April 11 2012  We are off again, what imagination, we're off to the Gulf Shores of Alabama then we'll see what move on west brings us for fun under the sun.  Thought about going to N Dakota but the dang RV just won't go North

May 19 2011    A late start, had to squeeze in some appointments, and chores to finish. So we hit the trail to Gulf Shores, then to KERRVILLE, TEXAS, and across west Texas to arrive in Tucson by June 6. After a couple of months at the Voyager we headed north to Kanab, and Page Lake.

April 2010  We're off , but to where ? As winter ends the map above shows the quickest and warmest way to the beach is straight to Gulf Shores, AL.  Then we study the weather and work out way across Texas, and New Mexico to Tucson AZ.  Enjoyed the return trip by  taking the off interstate route US 50 through the middle of the country.

June 09   Well, this year just didn't workout, ML went to Van Wert to Chaperone Becca as she finish HS, Later in the year we went to Traverse City for the Wedding then on to Alum Creek, Buckeye Lake KOA for some local camping.

June 08  Too late to head west so it's off to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach for some Sun &  Fun

March -07   We're off, first to casino @ Bay St. Louis for some spending money, San Antonio hill country, Rock Hound St. Park, to Tucson, Then came the Picacho Peak climb, Apache Junction, Misty's visit and Show Low. Back to Tucson, Fly to Evans 1st Birthday, JW to the Boarder & Cochise Stronghold. A new RV and a tour of Tombstone with Evan and family and a tour of Branson.  What a hoot!

April '06   Now we're off to find the sun and ......  Destin, Gulf Shores, San Antonio, Bandera, Guadalupe Mts., Carlsbad, Alamogordo, White Sands, Deming, Silver City and good old Tucson-- Hell they all have sunshine and blue skies.

Winter of 05   Before Katrina and Rita (the Hurricanes) we stopped in Bay Saint Louis and Vinton, both caught the eye of the storms. Then we on to Corpus Christi, Tucson, Yuma, Bull Head City, Bakersfield, Sequoia NP, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Moab, Provo, Salt Lake City, and Rocky Mt. NP.

 Spring of 04      Off to St. Louis for the reenactment of Lewis and Clark departing, then to Santa Fe, Four Corners, Case Grande, Tucson, then to Mesa Verde and home again.

Fall of 03    Well a break in the Steelers schedule itís off to Tampa, but rolling blue smoke makes for a disappointing start.Misty joins us for some time on Clearwater beach.

Summer of 03†† The weather was bad so we packed up heading for the west, with no plan,
we found†the Badlands of SD and the Championship Rodeo in Cody.

Winter-February 03† (Slideshow) The weather was for snow and more snow so I made a call to the storage lot and they said they would dig out the trusty RV.† So we loaded up, checked the weather channel for sun and heat and headed out.† First objective was to get far enough south so that the water tanks would not freeze. (Log file)

August '02  MLS Retires and does a little planning so we head west to visit the National Parks and more. 

June '02 The Appalachian Trail seems like a challenge so I am off to get the experience.

Oct '01 Destin A break in the schedule and a little vacation so we head for the beaches of the FL Gulf Coast. 

June '01  Florida Keys might offer some warm weather, but gee it is a long way south.

 Oct 2000  It is off to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, but bad weather so I chase the sun.

July 2000  The maiden voyage in the RV, every thing is a first, so for a theme I follow the Lewis and Clark Trail, more or less.