Our 55th Reunion Recap. Hope to See You at the Next One

EHS Class of ‘59 Updates…2014


Fred Albitz and Ann:  We are living the good life here in Northwest Arkansas.  I play golf two or three times a week and Ann tap dances twice a week with an award winning group called the Sophisticated Ladies.  We live in a community called Bella Vista that has eight golf courses, seven major lakes, and three indoor recreational facilities.  Because of our close proximity to the home offices of Wal-Mart, we also enjoy their largess which includes the largest collection of American art in the world…called Crystal Bridges.  Sorry we can’t make the 55th reunion, but we’ll be thinking of all of you next month.


Chris Bach and Lynn:  I was employed until January 1st, 2014 as an economist and statistician for the U.S. Department of Commerce.  My wife Lynn has had some health issues so, for the past six months,  I have been chief cook and bottle washer. As of  now,  Lynn is doing well.  We have children and grandchildren in the Boston, Chicago and Raleigh-Durham area with whom we keep in close touch.  Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes…roses in particular.


Charles Bair and Carole (Rengel - class of '60):  God is in control.  Involved with kids and grandkids (five years to seventeen years).  Changed landscape at our CA home to include succulents.  New cover for boat.  Still love my wife.  Pursuing our hobbies.



Bob Barnes and Marilyn:  I have been retired for about fifteen years. I enjoy playing golf, am an avid reader…fiction and non-fiction, and Marilyn and I like to travel.  We have five grandchildren within 100 miles of our home.  Although I live in California, I am still a Steeler and Penn State fan!


Jane Batchelder Strong:  Travel continues with friends...visited Normandy Beaches in April with a couple of days in Paris.  Off to England, Wales, and Scotland in mid-October.  Still working full-time coordinating volunteers and interns  for the State’s Attorney’s Office.


Geff  Bauman and Abigail: I finally retired as of last year.  It’s wonderful!  Abby and I sleep in and actually take the morning  newspaper back to bed to read! We travel, but only short trips, because we have two cats.  Hopefully we have found a “cat sitter” so that we can leave for longer periods of time.  We are planning to spend a couple of days at a resort in the Sierras soon.

            I am still growing roses in my backyard.  I have six bushes.  However, our severe drought has limited, not only plant watering, but everything to do with water usage.  It is a serious situation.

            I am still an avid Steeler fan.  I have an ashtray (although I no longer smoke) that my mother gave me, which they bought the second time the Steelers went to the Super Bowl.  On it is a reproduction of the article/headline in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette stating “Steelers Return to Super Bowl” and featuring a photo of Franco Harris and the “Immaculate Reception”! 

            Abby and I lead a quiet life. We love our home and we love our cats!


Jim Baxter and Ann:  I have been retired for a while, but my wife Ann is still doing taxes.  Our son Jeb and his wife have given us three granddaughters.  The nine year old granddaughter is  involved with Irish dance.  Our 12 year old and fourteen year old granddaughters both play softball. In addition to the girls,  they have three very large dogs. They live fairly close to us so we visit often.  Our daughter Lee lives in Rochester. 

            We still have our cottage on Chautauqua Lake in an area called Maple Springs, named for the maple trees in the community. There are still a few of the original trees left…over 150 years old.  I serve on the Community Board there.  Our granddaughters always spend Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day with us there…so do the dogs!  I also enjoy boating and  fly fishing at Chautauqua.

            Along with playing golf (Chautauqua has a  36 hole course), I play competitive bridge, but only locally.  Ann also plays, however we each have separate bridge partners…better for our marriage!         


Joyce Beadling Hines and Scott:  Our blended family of six kids and thirteen grandchildren, ranging from age three to twenty-seven, keep us busy.  We spend our winters at our “home away from home” in N. Ft. Myers, FL.  There, I sing in our park chorus, I am secretary of our Social Club, plus we golf, bike, and simply relax and enjoy being together, visiting with friends, and spending time with Scott’s daughter’s family.  We also volunteer with JDRF activities (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) during our stay in Florida.  That connection is through Scott’s daughter Jenny and our granddaughter, Cami, who has Type 1 diabetes.

            Back in Ligonier, our home is the gathering place for family!  I am a voucher writer for our local Salvation Army Service Center and I volunteer at our church.  We are willing spectators at grandkids’ sports activities, musical events, plays, etc., etc., and so forth.  With most of our children and grandchildren scattered about, we travel in all directions for visits.  Next year, in February, we are hoping to travel to The Holy Land with our Florida church…depending on the situation in Israel!  We golf, shoot sporting clays, read, “feed the troops”  when they descend, and enjoy our friends and family!  There are not enough hours in the day...! P.S. Scott and I will celebrate our 30th Anniversary in July of 2015...not bad for a second go-around.


Bruce Bowden and Lisa:  On the 4th of July, Independence Day,  I moved my practice to a smaller law firm.  I will retire eventually, but not for a while.  My youngest child, Chase, is thirteen years old…only 6 months older than my  oldest grandson, which makes for some interesting situations..  We have 7 grandchildren.  We are still residing in Pittsburgh in the same house. 

            Lisa and I are looking at real estate in the Palm Beach area where we visit several times a year.  Chase and I fish off-shore during our Palm Beach visits. Chase’s prize catch was a very large barracuda.    We have a time-share in Rodanthe, NC where we spend two weeks every summer.  When Chase was four, we built a pool which has encouraged his love of the water. He’s a fish, albeit a rather large one…he dove sixty feet in the waters at Grand Cayman this year.  Most of our travels include ocean access such as the Turks and Caicos Islands.

             I am unable to attend the reunion because I am leaving for a business trip to the Netherlands., but hope to “hook up” with Ron Reed before I leave.


Byron “Skip” Boynton:  Treated my niece and her eight year old from Maui to a vacation out west.  Rented a cabin for a week in Teton Village.  Also spent time in San Francisco, Carmel, and Santa Barbara.  Always imagined I would make a good father.  After three weeks such an idea was dispelled! 

            Am pretty much settled into senior living (i.e. reading, golf, happy hour, and trip planning)!  Salivate over Oceanic Cruise Line” offerings in Europe. Can afford myself, but paying double (i.e. single supplement) is a significant deterrent.


Larry Breck and Jane:  At reunion time, we are going to be sailing in the Chesapeake Bay on our forty-two foot boat., so we will be enjoying oysters instead of classmates!  We are active with the Pittsburgh Opera Theater Company and have enjoyed their performances this summer.  Jane is still busy and working with children who have PKU.


Joe Browne and Frances:  We’re still here and living in The Woodlands, north of Houston.  It’s pretty hot and humid in the summer, but the weather’s quite decent the rest of the year.  

            For the past couple of years, I worked on a large employee development project for Shell, but that’s complete now and I’m enjoying the life of a retiree.  Between traveling, studying Spanish, volunteering, playing golf, and working around the house, I don’t know where all the time goes!  We’d love to go to the 55th reunion, but we’ll be visiting our daughter and three grandchildren in Los Angeles that week.


Christine Burch Lankin and David:  I have been retired for about five years.  Since then, I socialize with my former work buddies. One of our favorite activities is to go to the Marriot Theater every other month.  David is still a working professor at the University of Illinois School of Pharmacy.  Wee enjoyed eating out with friends.  My sister and I still own a house north of Orlando, FL and we hope to spend some time there.  My sister Sharon is still flying my dad’s plane…I no longer fly.  At times, we seem to be “the dog watchers” with an occasional  four dogs at a time at our home:  our daughter’s, our son’s, our neighbor’s…and our own! 

          Our daughter Kelly is a pediatric nurse educator and is working on her PHD.  Our son Mark  is married and owns his own construction company.  He has one daughter, Emma, who is eight going on twenty!.  She is a good athlete and is involved with cheerleading , swimming, dancing, and gymnastics. 

            David and I will be celebrating our fiftieth year of marriage in 2015!


Dianne Burnham:  I am taking Osher courses at Pitt and Carnegie Mellon and watercolor classes at CCAC. 

            Recently, I have had 20 solar panels installed at my home which supply about fifty percent of my needs.   I would like to purchase an hybrid electric car, to do that,  I hope to add five additional panels in the future.  I have planted an all organic, native plant garden which is a sanctuary for birds and butterflies.


Ron A. Champ and Val jean:  We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on November 28th, 2014! Congratulations, Ron and Val jean!


Jay Coats and Cindy:  Our “fun stuff” usually involves our Mini-Cooper, Caribbean Cruises, eating out, and socializing with Village friends, and enjoying The Villages’ activities.  Other “fun stuff“, like traveling in our motor home and travel trailer, have ceased as my physical capabilities have diminished.  I have severe shoulder problems of a long-term nature.  Even so, I find that I still have a pretty good golf swing, so I continue to “play at” golf.

            Cindy spends time with her sister who lives one and a half blocks away and with our two year old great-niece to whom we are “honorary grandparents”.  She lives only one and a half hours away so we get to see her often! 

            We hope to replicate our six week driving tour of the southwest (2012) by taking an eight week tour of the northwest and Alaska in the next year or so…hold on, Mc and Joan, we’re coming!


Nancy Peterson Cofer:  I had a hysterectomy and a spinal fusion in the last five years.  The fusion was major surgery, but I am now walking around and in no pain.  I am so glad! (Do you remember that I wore a back brace often at EHS?) 

            I am grateful for the wonderful times we all had at EHS.  It was a special place. 

            I am working part time as a manager of a local storage area and I am also being “Nana” to thirteen year old Aubrey and fifteen year old Cole, who is a football player. 

            I am enjoying my air conditioning while the temperatures soar to 100 degrees!  A big HI to everyone I  I plan to attend the 60th reunion. I know you will “have a blast” at this one!


Bill Cogbill and Karen: We are back in Sarasota after spending the summer in Van Buren Point, New York.  Once we leave Van Buren to return to our winter home, we don’t travel. I am very active in my yacht  club and I also do a lot of biking.  That is what I do with my life!


Pat Coleman Wilson:  I am bungee jumping and teaching Chip and Dale male dancers…and I am still “telling’ stories! J  My Nashville home is in a central location and has always been a gathering place for friends and family.  I am a member of several book clubs.  In one of the clubs, once a year we write book titles on a piece of paper, put them in a bowl, and choose the monthly book to be read. 

            My son Jim is getting married in October to Hannah, his high school sweetheart.  She spend a lot of time at our home as our kids were growing up. Jim is the artist in the family: he paints, makes furniture, decorates stores. He has decorated the J. Crew store in New York City.  Hannah is an interior decorator, thus the perfect match for Jim.  My daughter Lori lives in California.  Five years ago, she went back to school and is now working in her second career as a nurse practitioner in psychiatry.  At one time she did “stand  up” comedy.  (Wonder where she received her sense of humor?) 

            My brother Rick and I have a very close relationship.  At one point, when I was in Rehab because of a broken leg, he “broke me out” and returned me to my home where he had ramps already built to accommodate my recovery. 


Judy Conley Wolf and David:  I am looking forward to traveling north for my grandson’s wedding, still to be scheduled.  We just discovered that our granddaughter was recently engaged, and then, we were surprised by a phone call telling us that she and her fiancé got married…just a small wedding with immediate family! 

            My daughter will be visiting us in Citrus Springs in the fall!  With a trip north for a family wedding in our future, we will be unable to attend the reunion.


Mary Lou Cooke:  Some of you might remember my sister Eileen whom we called “Neen” (class of ’60)  My sister and her husband are now in an assisted living home in Monroeville…both suffering from Alzheimer’s at the same time.  They have a forty-five year old daughter Samantha with special needs.  Since their illness has progressed, I have taken Samantha into my home.  At first, she hardly communicated…now she talks all the time!  She is a joy to have. Sam works four days a week which gives me some time to do a few things.  I have always wanted to take in foster children, but having Sam is better than that!  I am looking  for a respite place  for Sam,  just for a few days at a time, so that I can occasionally get away.  Neen also has a son who lives in Atlanta.  My sister is very special to me; she was always perfect in everything she did!  The only consolation for their present situation is that Neen was very happy all of her life!  On a side note:  My mother always said, “I gave you three daughters beautiful names…Mary Lou, Eileen and Rita…and what do you call each other?  Lou, Neen, and Reet!

            My daughter Tina is married as of November , 2008.

            As for me, I love reading mysteries…when I have time.  My days are full.


Richard DeMore and Cindy:  Since our 50th class reunion, Cindy and I have enjoyed two beautiful weddings and finally became grandparents for the first time.  Our first grandson is now two and a half years old; our second grandson was born on the 21st of March.  Then our first granddaughter was born on August 14th.  So, we are enjoying all of these latest events in our lives.

            Cindy and I have been married for forty-one years, have three adult children, and enjoy living in the scenic Rocky Mountains of rural Colorado.


Mike Dilettuso and Mary:  I am doing well and really enjoying retirement…reading, traveling, and watching the Pirates on TV.     North Carolina is too far from the Pittsburgh area for me to travel for the reunion, but I wish you all well! 


Susan Dodd Simchock and John:  We are retired on Cape Cod after living in the Boston area.  We have two boys, Scott and Steve, and one grandchild, Hannah (12), who we took to Paris in April.

            We have traveled extensively: recent trips include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Costa Rica.  I’d love to plan a mini-reunion in Cape Cod!


Carolyn Donkin and Tom:  Our biggest news is that we are celebrating the birth of our new granddaughter, Rosalind, in early July.  She is our son Matthew’s daughter!  They live in Savannah so we have been traveling there frequently!  We have two other children: Annie, who is married and is living in Ashville, NC and Hope, who is to be married next August, is living in Cranberry, PA. 

            I am retired from the Hillman Cancer Center.  I am an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church.  I  volunteer at “Women’s Choice” which is a center that provides  counsel to young pregnant women considering abortion.   I also work at the Food Bank which is housed at our church.  Tom is retired, but still sits on the board of the bank where he worked.  He also volunteers and soon will leave for Africa to work on a water project (providing ways to purify water). 

            We have traveled to London and also to the Napa/Sonoma Valley, CA in the years since our 50th.  We enjoy time and fellowship with friends from our church community.  Now that Vincent’s Pizza is reopened, a visit there is a favorite of all of our family…it is still greasy and very good!!!


Jan Earhart Carazola and Jim:  Poor Jim just had his second hip replaced in one and a half years. He’s now the bionic man and doing great.  I’m volunteering more, but things are basically the same at this end.

            Our class has lost far too many friends, and I suffered a personal loss a few years ago with the passing of my sister, Joan. Joan was two years ahead of us.  She and I kept the phone lines burning with our long, weekly calls between Pittsburgh and Houston, so she is greatly missed.  We are planning to visit family in CA in early October, and unfortunately, our retirement budget doesn’t permit two trips---hence, no reunion for me this year, but we will expect some great pictures.  Have a great time, everyone!


Glenn Fleming:  Lost Margie.  Finished my year as President of Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (PFDA).  Participated as a representative of PFDA for the 10th anniversary of the Flight 93 Memorial… witnessed the burial of the unknown remains. Conducted the funeral for Joe “Pa” Paterno.


Marjorie Gillespie Fleming:  Margie’s passing has been a great loss to me. As you all know, we met at the age of fifteen when we started our sophomore year at Edgewood High School.  We were good friends during high school, as many of us were.  We started dating at the end of our freshman year in college and we were married in June, 1962.

            After I graduated from Mortuary School, we set out to begin our careers.  Soon we were the parents of a son and a daughter.  Our careers took us to Hollidaysburg, Hershey, and finally to State College.  We learned to appreciate and enjoy small-town living. 

            As you all remember, Margie had a very outgoing personality.  That personality served her well throughout her lifetime.  She became very involved with many community activities, often serving as a leader. 

            Margie became very spiritual as she continued through her life. As her health declined in the last ten years, she accepted what God had intended for her.  She came to peace with her situation and was ready to move on to the higher form of life if that was supposed to be her fate.  She died following surgery knowing that she had done the best that she could do in life.

            She is now at rest in peace.  May God bless her.

            With love, Glenn

           “As remembered” by Glenn Fleming


 Judy Gardiner Naylor:  Sadly, my husband of forty-seven years passed away in 2011.  My son had been living in Colorado, but has now returned to Pennsylvania to stay with me.  My daughter Meg lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  She has two children  Meg, 10 and Jerry 12.  I visit them as often as possible. I am recently retired and am enjoying “relaxing”!


Penny Hawley Barr and Gary Tate:  My life remains very busy balancing work, home and keeping up with family.  Yes, I continue to work for the law firm, McGuire Woods (and we have an office in Pittsburgh also), but am thinking about retiring at age seventy-five.  Then, we can start to travel and do fun stuff that we keep talking about.

            My kiddos are scattered all over the country and have prosperous lives. They have blessed me with nine grandchildren.  I think the one I am most proud of is Suzanne’s son, Ben, who was thirteen when his mother passed away. Suzanne passed away five years ago, the week before our last reunion.  Well, Ben is now eighteen, graduated in June, and is going to the Engineering School at NC State this fall.  NC State is one of the highest ranked engineering schools in the country  One of my other grandchildren, Hawley (named after you-know-who) is attending the University of Alabama in Birmingham for her PHD in Cancer Research.  She has three more years of a five year program; I pray they find a cure for cancer soon. 

            Gary survived triple-by-pass surgery last May and is still touring the country part-time with the tour bus company.  The rest of the time, he has a golf club in his hand, is enjoying the history channel, or is keeping up with his two sons and their families. 

            And, of course, we have a miniature white poodle named “Be-Be” who is in one of our laps whenever we are home.


Ron Heller and Barbara:  Not much has changed.  Married to Barbara.  We have three children: David in Denver, Kristen on Cape Cod, and John in Lower Burrell, PA.  We have seven grandkids: two girls and a boy in Denver, a boy and a girl on Cape Cod, and a boy and a girl in Lower Burrell.  Needless to say, we travel a lot to see the families. Not much extra time on our hands these days

            Still going to our condo in Ft. Myers, Florida for “escape from winter”.  Have lots of friends and family coming through to visit while there.  That’s about it for now. Have a great reunion.


Susan Holden Hamm and Tommy:  In early August we are moving to Colorado to help our single-son, Todd, who has four children.         Added September 12th :   We just found out  why we were led to make the move to Colorado.  Our eldest son Todd, who is a Colonel in the Air Force (intelligence), just  learned that he will be sent to Afghanistan  (this coming Monday or Tuesday…Sep. 15th or 16th) as the Link between NSA and the military.  It is a huge honor and responsibility!  Tommy and I will be come the parents to Todd’s four children, our grandchildren:  18, 15, 11, and 7! 

            This past winter Tommy and I had the pleasure to cruise around  through The Beagle Passage, the Horn of South America to view the Chilean Glaciers.  We then went on to the Fiords of Milford Sound in New Zealand.  The scenery was gorgeous, comparable to Alaska or Norway!


Carol Holt Riviere:  Nothing new…just the same old, same old.  I  spend my summers in Pinon Oaks, Prescott AZ and my winters in Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ, the best of both worlds.  I had a fall while playing tennis, thus I will not be attending the reunion.

I wish everyone a fun time and maybe we will meet at the 60th!


Iva Hoover Hinkleman: Retired seven years.  I volunteer at my church and hospice.  I attend OLLI (Oscher Lifelong Learning Institute) classes each semester. OLLI classes are designed to challenge minds and stimulate spirits of retired and semi-retired adults by offering learning over 60 thought provoking non-credit classes.     www.olli.unlv.edu/


Jack Huber and Russell:  Life is good.  Russell and I continue to enjoy our home in Atlanta…gardening, golf, bridge, and travel, including summer visits to our cottage on the Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada (Iron City Fishing Club).  We still live in our one and only home…46 years and counting…and will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary next August.  Our daughter Heather, son Brian, his wife Leslie, and grandsons Campbell (14) and Jamie (11) also live in Atlanta, which is truly a blessing.  We enjoy our family time with “the boys”, and love sharing and experiencing their many activities.  Russell and I have each successfully battled cancer, and I am the excited owner of two very successful new hips, circa 2013.  Isn’t modern medicine wonderful? We’re determined to “not miss a beat”.

            We so regret that we cannot attend our EHS 55th, but will be there in spirit.  So many great memories of our days together at dear old Edgewood High School.  Our 60th for sure!!!  Love and best wishes to all of our classmates and spouses.


Bob Hughes and Nina:  I am still flying for corporate clients and I love it.  Nina and I tour around in our Corvette. Nina says it is a lot more comfortable than the Harley!!!  I play drums and will be playing at the Oxford Center in Pittsburgh…maybe on the Wednesday night of our reunion.  I am still very active and love my flying life, Corvette life, and family life. 


Kitty Hughes Leatham:  I have been living in Granville, OH (home of Dennison University) for over 4 years now.  I love it! I live right on the edge of the Denison campus and the town of Granville.  I continue to be involved in local foods, still do a little catering, plus teaching cooking classes.  My daughter Kate also lives here in Granville and I enjoy sharing my life with her family.  Three of my eleven grandchildren are now in college…fun to see them grow and mature.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at “the farm”.


Don “D.J.” Jameson:  Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Grandfather - Diagnosed November, 2007 with Front temporal Dementia, Died December 25, 2013.

            Character Traits:  Passionate, Devoted, Loyal, Driven, Talented, Loving

            Career/Job:  Tubular Manager at United States Steel

            Favorite Food:  Anything my mom cooked

            A time that I will never forget:  Our yearly vacations to Litchfield Beach, SC

            One trait of my loved one that took time getting used to:

    To not question oneself

            One trait of my loved one that I will always miss:  His attitude about life

            If given the chance my loved one would:  Wish FTD never existed!

            My loved one life’s motto was:  “You are only as happy as you choose to be.”

Sadly, for our family, there was not a time in Don’s disease in which he was happy.  The form of FTD that he had left Don with no ability to show emotion of any kind, and ultimately, no ability to walk or even to talk.  It robbed him of all human dignities…a cure must be found!  We all deserve to hear our loved one’s voice and laughter.

            "As remembered” by Sandy Daw Jameson and daughter, Hailey


Sandy Daw Jameson:

       2007:  D.J. diagnosed with Frontotemporel Dementia.

       2009:  Moved from Monroeville to The Woodlands at St. Barnabas in Valencia,  

       2013:  D.J. lost the long fought battle with FTD and passed away Christmas night.

       2014:  My oldest grandchild, Caitlin, is off to PSU Main Campus.

    D.J. would be thrilled!

       2010:  My children established The Clear Thoughts Foundation in

   honor of their dad.

Chris Jernstedt and Margaret Ann:  At the time of the reunion, Margaret Ann and I will be on a biking trip in Acadia.  Have a great reunion!  


Karen Kennon Schwarzbach:  I am doing well.  I am enjoying my family.  The oldest of my six grandchildren graduated from high school in June and it was a thrill to be there to see him do it.  He started college this month and my youngest grandchild started first grade. 

            I am involved with two Meals On Wheels programs---delivering for one and working to get another one that closed last year reorganized and started anew.

            I love my condominium which we bought shortly before Bob passed away.  I share it with two rescued dogs.  I have a tiny backyard where I am able to grow tomatoes and herbs.  The dogs help me, although unfortunately one of them likes to eat the tomatoes and tries to get to them before I do!  I also enjoy yoga classes at the Y---Silver Sneakers, of course.  My life in a nutshell. Enjoy the reunion!


Robert “Bob” Schwarzbach:  Bob was born and bred in Forest Hills and felt an affinity and affection for the community all his life.  He spoke fondly of it often.  His passion for bowling, and it was a passion, began as he was growing up in Forest Hills.  After retirement, Bob bowled as much as four times a week and bowled for the last time a few days before his death.

            Bob had a subtle, dry, quiet sense of humor that sometimes took a little while to sink in.  But when people got his point, they chuckled and enjoyed it for a long time.  I still will, out of the blue, think of one of his quips and feel a quiet joy for hours after.  He also had great appreciation for the appropriateness of behavior in human interaction…the right and wrong  thing to do.  Our son has said on numerous occasions, “that is what Dad would do.” 

            By far, my fondest memory of Bob is his love and appreciation of our family.  He took great pride and felt much joy in our two children and six grandchildren.  He would sometimes say to me, “Karen, how did we get so lucky?” when thinking of that family.

            It gave me joy to write of these memories of Bob. I cannot make the reunion, but will, hopefully, be able to make the next class lunch or dinner get-together. 

            “As remembered” by Karen Kennon Schwartzbach


Phil Light and Gladys:  I enjoy spending time with my wife Gladys, with my two sons,  and  with my five grandchildren.  I also like gardening at our Ligonier home and lounging on the beach at Cape Hatteras.


George Lohman:  George passed away on May 3rd, 2014 just hours after returning home from a ten day cruise with me, his wife Margy. 

            George graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a degree in business.  He was inducted into the West Virginia Wesleyan Hall of Fame in October, 2013.  He was a 1962 NAIA All -American, a first team West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Defensive Tackle, and the 1962 Lineman of the Year. George was part of the special group of men who led Wesleyan to one of its all-time greatest seasons…the 9-1 1961 WVIAC Championship Team.  One team member said, “George and I grew up on the same street in Pittsburgh and worked out in the summers at a community field on our street, getting ready for football,” recalled Jim Hawkins.  “After my first year of playing football at Wesleyan, even I knew we could use more good football players. George was the first person to come to mind.  In the spring of 1959, I talked George into coming down to Buckhannon by bus, and his next appearance on campus was the start of his becoming one of the best two-way tackles anywhere.”  At George’s induction dinner and ceremony, as many as 40 teammates and Theta Chi fraternity brothers were present.  Some came from New Mexico, Massachusetts, and California.  The entire Lohman family (12) were also present and it was a wonderful honor for his children and grandchildren to share in his success.”

            George’s athletic ability also spread to his children and grandchildren. Two grandsons have played football, baseball, and wrestling.  Three granddaughters have been involved in cross country, track, and basketball.

            Many people do not know that when George was 28, he lost his leg in a hunting accident.  This never slowed him down as he coached football and  was very successful in a sales and marketing career traveling the United States.

            George’s daughter Kelsey was an avid horseman and got George interested in horses.  In 1984, we bought a  farm in the mountains of North Georgia and moved the horses there.  It was then that George took up riding cutting horses in competition. Since he had to ride without the use of his prosthesis, a trainer rigged up a seat belt to the saddle.  His horse, Snow Doc, with George on board won over $20,000.00 in events.  George always said that he just sat and held on while his horse did all the work.  Snow Doc has been retired for years and is living out his senior years on our farm.

            George was an inspiration to his children, grandchildren and friends.  We were together for 52 years.  We had a wonderful and adventurous life together, whether traveling, enjoying grandchildren, or working on our farm.

            "As remembered”  by: Margy Lohman


Peggy McCullough Clark and Tom:  We are in the process of moving from Pittsburgh to Belle Vernon.  Our new address (soon we hope) will be as follows: 

1162 Highview Dr.

Belle Vernon, PA.  We still spend our winters in Clearwater Florida.   We hope you all have fun at the reunion.


Cathy McIntosh Hill and Bob:  Our 50th wedding anniversary was on June 27th, 2014.  Congratulations, Cathy and Bob!  We’ve been enjoying travels to Costa Rica and Barcelona.  We are looking forward to seeing the Baltic and St. Petersburg.


Paul McLain and

Joan Gibson (Gibby) McLain:  As to updates, our life is pretty boring to anyone looking in from the outside---same address, same old boring phone numbers---yet we always seem to be busy doing things which we enjoy.  We give thanks each day for good health and opportunity, for family and for friends.  I continue to practice in Urgent Care Medicine about 1/3 time , and I am Medical Director of the local charity clinic for the poor, undocumented, and uninsured.  Joan spends a goodly portion of time with church work.  She is a deacon and is often found preparing a lot of food for church gatherings, and for funeral and celebratory dinners for families.  We both serve on committees for this and that---Joan’s is more fellowship-oriented, while my attention is more to service and outreach. I was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Providence St. Mary Medical Center, one of the two hospitals here in Walla Walla.  Joan works a lot at the local food bank, The Pantry Shelf.

            We have spend quite a bit of time out of town this past summer with family on the other side of the state in the Seattle area where Barbara and David live.  Our Houston son, Bruce, was able to visit with us in Seattle over Labor Day weekend, but his wife Heather had to stay home with their cat and with a new business which she is kicking off.

            We are very grateful for updates on classmates and activities---always fun to hear about good lifelong  friends.  Younz all have a grand time at the reunion!!  Be thinking of you!!


Bobbi (Roberta) Mead Coudriet and Ron:  I do a “little bit” of volunteering with Kent Generals Office Surgery where I inform the families of patients on the progress of their respective surgeries.  I am still painting, mainly still life, using watercolors or pastels.  I also do some teaching in the forgotten art of “etiquette and protocol“ working with colleges and corporations.  One of my classes is called, “How To Dine, Wine, and Act Fine”! 

            Ron and I have two sons, Jim and Tom.  In turn, we have two grandchildren: Justin , seventeen, who possesses a great outlook on life and Chris, eighteen, who is attending college in North Carolina, studying to be an architect.

            Ron is a movie buff, so our best “together thing” is going to movies and attending any type of entertainment that comes to the area.  In August we celebrated our 52nd Anniversary!  Congratulations, Bobbi and Ron


Arlene Moore Rosetta:  I’m sorry that I won’t be able to attend the reunion.  I always enjoy hearing how much fun everyone has. My information hasn’t changed and nothing outstanding has happened in my life.  I seem to be continually busy with family, traveling, and with various activities in southern Utah.  Life is good!


Virginia (Ginny) Morgan Stahlsmith:  I have enjoyed going to Sanibel Island, Florida with my sister Ann M. Blonaker (Class of ’54) for the last five years.  We see quite a few EHS ’59ers!


John Morphy:  I retired in 2001 after spending forty years in various phases of medicine.(trauma surgery in Vietnam, teaching, practicing).  Since that time, my son Dan and I have invested our time in auctions.  We hold about forty-eight auctions per year in the Lancaster area.  Check out the website:  www.morphyauctions.com  We have a Gallery in Denver, PA and we just purchased the Victorian Casino Antique Auction in Vegas.  Janet and I  have four children: two boys and two girls plus five granddaughers.


Robin Mossman Gregory:  Moved to Philadelphia over one year ago and am loving it! (I was born here.) Last fall, I had my brother Tom move here as well.  He is currently in a VA Hospital in Center City with severe Parkinsons Disease.  We have had great success with his PadRac Doctor and the quality of his life has greatly improved. 

            I am still working fulltime and loving it.  My youngest daughter Sarah had her 5th child, so that puts my grandchildren count up to eleven.  They are very close by, and the primary reason for my return, although many cousins and friends are more accessible here than when I was in Texas.  I loved every year of my thirty-two in Dallas and miss my friends terribly, but I find, as I get older, I want my family closer.


Pat Mount Reyman and Joe:  The fall is so full of great things to do and see. Unfortunately, the reunion will not be among them for me.  Joe and I recently returned from a cruise on the Danube in eastern Europe to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary (which was actually in December - but that is not a good time to go to Europe.)  Congratulations, Pat and Joe!  We had a wonderful time, but came back exhausted and sick (bad colds).  Guess we’re not as young as we used to be!

            Serving as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian keeps me busy and out of trouble…mostly.  In September, I’ll be working a two-day Delegate Assembly for a Minnesota union, and then, a week later I’ll be going to a convention of the National Council of Catholic Women in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   

            Next month our first official great-grandchild is due - a boy apparently.  (We have two unofficial “greats“, as well.)  The family lives about an hour away from us, which isn’t too bad.  Everyone is very excited!

            Otherwise, there is nothing to report. I’d love to hear, or have a visit from, any classmates who venture out to the Mid-West.  Yes, indeed…Let the Fun Begin! 


Linda Myers Filbern:  I am unable to attend the reunion.  I hope you have a good time!


Barbara Nichols Pape and Art:  We are looking forward to a large family celebration in Pittsburgh very soon.  Art and I have two girls, Ann and Amy,  who are both married.  We have four grandchildren; Hannah, Emma, Grace, and John who are all brilliant and beautiful…as I mentioned in our 50th “Bio”.  

             Art and I also enjoy our farm which is located in northern Pennsylvania outside of Edinboro. Also, I have been involved with many activities over the years.  I have had a  happy life full of family and friends.  We are sorry that we cannot  join you at our 55th.


Kathi Niesemann Ferguson:  I retired from teaching in June of 2009.  Retired…but still involved in our community newspaper, The Verona Business District Advisory Board Committee (VBDAC), ushering at the Benedum and Byham  plus other activities.  Jim and I celebrated our 50th anniversary March 28th, 2014.  Congratulations, Jim and Kathi!   Fortunately our sons are closeby---Steve and Jim and his wife,  Debbie live in West View and Fred is living with me.  I spend time daily with my husband Jim who has been in a nursing home for about four and a half years.  He made the last reunion, and is sad that he is missing this one...you all made him feel so welcome

            Sadly, since writing this update, Kathi’s husband Jim passed away on Saturday, September 13th, 2014.  Jim was a truly nice man, intelligent and friendly.  He will be missed by his family and friends, and we will miss visiting with him at our reunions.


Patricia Norelli:  After many years of teaching high school English, I am content…I love my dog.  I love my family, my neighbors, and my community.  I am happy where I am and see no reason to leave.


Linda Offill Freccia:  Not a lot to report. Moved to NorCal in 2011 to be nearer children and grandchildren.  Spend my time caring for and carting around grandchildren (enjoying them too!), being the email face of #2 son - the Beer Baron's - business, 21st-Amendment Brewery (cans of his delicious beer you are lucky enough to be able to buy in PA), writing, doing genealogical research and traveling as much as I can.  Spend a month in England every year visiting friends and use it as a springboard for trips to the Continent (Cappadocia, Turkey this year).  Also care for my 96 year-old mother who is now in assisted living.

            Great weather here - no storms, no rain, no snow.  Just drought, forest fires and earthquakes!     Hope you all enjoy the reunion.  I have a suspicion that you'd all be too conservative for me - I've gone the opposite way and gotten more liberal as I get older...



Gladys (Glady Lu) Parella Husted and Jim:  I continue to teach online part-time for Duquesne University in the Master’s and Doctoral Program.  I have just completed (along with two of my former doctoral students) the fifth edition of my ethics text.  It was bitter sweet to write it without my husband whose health is failing.  He was really the creative mind with the other four editions given his philosophy background and his use of humor to teach.

            I have two granddaughters: one who is 17 and who is applying to colleges while completing her senior year;  the other is 13, and who, at this time, wants to study robotics.  My son-in-law hopes she will follow in his footsteps and becomes an electrical engineer.  He would like one of his girls to join his family business.  My daughter, who worked for many years as a chemist at Bayer, is now volunteering at the kids’ schools where she has held a number of (unpaid) positions.

            I am grateful that I am in good health and am still enjoying wine!


Jo-Anne Petras Edwards and Gene:  We have traveled extensively all over the USA.  Most recently we took a six weeks trip from Pittsburgh to California.  During the winter months, we rent a condo at Barefoot Landing Resorts at Myrtle Beach, S.C. from January 1st to April 1st.


Ron Reed and Clarita:  Two years ago I retired as Marketing Director for Delta Group Electronics.  Prior employment was at Harris Corp., Lasertechnics, and 3M Co.  Clarita retired as a real estate agent .

            We have two sons, three grandsons, and two granddaughters.  There are visits to our granddaughters in Raleigh and their many dance recitals.

            I’m completing about three years of genealogy research that included a trip to Croatia and Slovakia last year to meet with the genealogists I retained.  It has been a fascinating and interesting detective project.  A side trip to Krakow, Poland was exceptional.  I do all our travel planning…I never take a tour!  Typically we take one or two international trips per year (We have visited over forty-three countries), plus the occasional U.S. and Canada “gypsy trips” as my wife calls them to places such as Canadian Maritimes, Minnesota’s North Shore, Door County WI, Charleston, and Savannah.  


Carol Richards:  I continue to live in Edgewood where I have lived since 1950.  I am not traveling anymore, but I am enjoying my life.  


Roz Roth Sky and Phil:  I volunteer in many community activities. Recently, I received the Community Service Volunteer Award  from an organization called the “Wise Woman of Blairsville County‘,  whose focus is on committing to volunteerism and to passing that commitment on from generation to generation.  (Our children and grandchildren are great examples of this principle)  I am active in the Big Brothers and Sisters Program.  For twenty-two years I have worked with Giant Eagle as the planner for the entertainment for “Grocers Fight Cancer” at their sponsored “Fight Cancer Day“.  I am on the Development Committee for Penn State-Altoona.  And finally, I am the “Fortune Teller” for our Synagogues Purim Carnival!

            Phil and I have four grandkids: Tyler and Sam are sixteen and  Mandy and Casey are 14.  Sandy is now driving, Tyler just piloted his first solo flight, Mandy is a fantastic soccer player, and Casey is our baseball player…and a joy to have around!

Phil and I enjoy golf and, of course, Penn State football.  Most of all, we treasure time spent with our family.


Kathy Russell Smith and Frank:  Both Frank and I spend a lot of our time gardening…we have an extensive flower garden at our home in the Adirondacks.  We also enjoy hiking and walking. 

            We have two sons, Ron and David.  Ron lives in Colorado and he and his wife have presented us with a new grandson, Finn, in June of this year!  Our son David and his family live in Philadelphia, about an hour and forty-five minutes from our home in Madison, NJ.  They have three children whose ages are 13, 16, and 16.  We try to spend as much time as possible enjoying our children and grandchildren.


Nancy Savage Cotter:  This summer has not been one of the best.  I am spending time with my brother Bill in Deep Creek, MD.  Years ago, Bill suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and some of the effects are catching up with him.  I am going with Bill to New Hampshire where he will have his condition assessed.

            In the meantime, I am a member of OSL…Order of St. Luke, which deals with hearing.  I am in my “knitting stage” and have knitted four sweaters this summer.


Bill Schrock and Gisela:  The past five years have been spent recovering from falls and other ailments of the body rebelling from the misuse in my younger years.  We celebrated 51 years of marriage…Congratulations, Bill and Gisela!… and my 74th year of life.  With both our bodies rebelling, life has pretty much centered around our children and grandchildren.


Jim Scott and Mary Lou:  It all happened in the last five years.  My daughter is employed at Chase and my son landed a new job as a pastor in Hawaii.  The grandkids are all five years older.  Mary Lou is planning for a brand-new shiny knee.  As for me, I am looking forward to all the good things expected next year.

            We gave up the RV life after fourteen years and bought a little hut at a resort in Tucson, AZ.  We treat it as a summer camp five months out of the year.  What are my future plans, you ask?  I’m sure I have some, I just haven’t been told yet.


Sandy Scranton Bartlett:  Sorry I am unable to attend.  Hope you all have a wonderful time.  I live in Houston, Texas,  I am looking forward to seeing photos of our spectacular reunion,, so… “Say Cheese!”


Sue Shields Kopp and Glenn:  Life is much the same as five years ago.  I am a part-time secretary for our homeowners association (700 single family residents).  This means I takes notes at meetings, take messages for residents, listen and record  their complaints, make calls  for various repairs, etc., etc. and so forth.  I am also a member of several retired teacher groups. 

            We have two granddaughters, both girls. Our eleven year old granddaughter plays soccer and takes gymnastics.  Our thirteen year old granddaughter loves  ice skating.  We see the girls every week!

            During the years, Glenn and I have covered most of the globe…in fact, I have been to every  place I have ever wanted to go.


Mary Ann Sidehammer Wenzel:  The reunion sounds wonderful!  Please give my best to all!


Eldan Snyder and Sarah (Sally):  I retired in 2002.  Sadly, my wife, our EHS classmate Barbara Klemm Synder (class of ’60 ), passed away in 2010.  I married Sally on December 2nd, 2011.  Together we have eight grandchildren.


 Ardith Sommerfeld Gutkowski and Anthony:  We have recently moved and are busy settling in our new home.  We enjoy our second home in Presque Isle, Michigan and go there as a get-away anytime we want.


Ed Symons and Cindy:  I am still here and life continues to be good, but it has changed in totally unexpected ways.  I still work full time and travel a lot, but I am not planning on attending the 55th reunion.

            On August 12th, 2012, Louise suffered a completely unexpected, massive heart attack and passed away. I was blessed to have Louise in my life for almost 44 years and to be married to her for over 42 years.  Louise and I were well aware that we were exceptionally fortunate to have great happiness together for a long time. I will never forget Louise, who not only made me happy, but also brought meaning to my life.

            Louise and I began attending Christ United Methodist Church, with 3,500 members, in 2008.  One of the friends we made there was Rev. Cindy Schneider, the Minister for Congregational Care.  A completely unexpected event is that Cindy and I were married at Christ Church on March 8th, 2014.  Best wishes, Ed and Cindy!

And so, I have been blessed again to have a special, kind, and good woman sharing her life with me.  All is more than well.


Wayne Tamarelli and

Carol Crawford Tamarelli:  We are both in very good health and are able to travel extensively around the globe.  Our daughter and son and their families live within a half an hour of our main house.  We have ten grandchildren (five boys and five girls).

We divide our non-traveling time between five places:  Our main home in Basking Ridge, NJ

An apartment in Palo Alto, CA (Wayne does business in the Silicon Valley                               area)

     ·         A lake house on Newfound Lake in Bridgewater, NH

     .         A villa among our vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina

     ·         A house shared with our partners among vineyards in Sonoma County, CA


            Wayne plans to be half-retired forever, primarily investing in technology venture capital and helping to manage non-profits.  In addition to travel, he enjoys tennis, theater, music reading, etc.

            Carol is very busy with grandchildren, gardening, etc.  In addition to travel, she enjoys theater, music, reading, etc.

(By the way, Wayne and Carol are graciously supplying the wine for our 55th reunion dinner and picnic from their fantastic vineyards!)


Foster Thomas and Kathi: Both Kathi and I are well.  We  frequently travel  to the San Francisco, California to visit our two children:  our son Richard, who is single, just turned 41 and  Kristen who  is married with two kids, Owen 5 and Quinn 3.  Otherwise we stay at home. 

            I still have my horse Gideon.  However, I finally had to give up my car which came with our family  from Pittsburgh to Arizona many years ago. It has over 200,00 miles on it…like losing an old friend!  We are in the process of trying to replace it. 

            We hope all attending will enjoy the reunion.


Arlene Thompson:  I have had two and a half challenging years.  During that time, I lost my best friend.  Then, a year and a half ago I had a bad mammogram and cancer was discovered.  My last mammogram was clear, but then came hip surgery due to arthritis.  I still work very, very part-ime as an individual and couples counselor. 


Bill Townsend:  Since our last reunion and my move to Harrisburg, I have been able to help my daughter Barbara settle in at a group home not far from my home.  She is doing well and I see her about once a week.  My sister Jane Townsend Shatto (EHS, ‘63) lives close by and has been a great support to me.  I have had some health issues over the past few years and I am now temporarily rehabbing in an assisted living facility. 

            One highlight is that we had a huge family reunion near my home in the Harrisburg area in October, 2013.  Relatives came from all over the country!

            I enjoy reading...especially spy novels.  I am looking forward to this year's football season. Go Steelers! Go Penn State! I am enjoying life, doing what I can!


Donna Twaddle:  I have moved around a lot in fifty-five years, married for fourteen years, and never took the plunge again.  Once was sufficient.  I had three children whom God chose to call home before me, but he made sure that my arms were never empty and that my life was full of helping others.  I worked with handicapped and mentally challenged youth for eight years;  then changed to working with juvenile delinquents for seventeen years.  I have survived a stroke,  several major operations, and cancer, so I guess my work for the Lord isn’t done yet.

            Now I spend my time taking of care of two very special people in my life whom I met 40 years ago.  They are what I call my “Guardian Angels” and they have been married forty years.  Until this year, we traveled extensively.  We winter in Georgia and summer in New Jersey.  We love live theater and shows, eating at various restaurants, and traveling!  I am usually at the other end of the U.S. when reunions come around, but  I love seeing the pictures and reading the accounts that bring them to life for me.

            So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Nothing noteworthy or exciting…just a life full of ups and downs and wonderful memories.  I hope that all my classmates have had wonderful lives and that their hearts and minds are full of wonderful memories.


Florence Uram Stengel:  I am living in an St. Joseph’s Assisted Living in Jupiter, Florida for almost three years  I have dealt with MS for many years.  As a result, I do have several other health issues. Thankfully,  I have found a doctor who is addressing some of the difficult symptoms.  Plus, my fantastic physical therapist has me actually walking …now I only use the scooter to take my dog for walks. 

            Speaking of my dog, I was able to bring my delightful poodle, Scappy, with me!  His name fit him when he was young, however he has mellowed over the years.  He is so understanding of my aches and pains.  Many people in the facility do not know me, but they all know Scrappy!  

            In this type of facility, there are few people who actually are still able to communicate .  Three other ladies and I sit at “The Fun Table” and we are great friends…we bounce off of each other with “wise remarks” and we cure the ills of the world.!  This group of ladies gives me a reason to get up in the morning and to keep going during the day. 

            My best friend is Anna!  My  three boys are busy with work and family, so I don’t see them as often as I would like.  Although I realize there will never be a “utopia” in assisted living,  I know that this is the best setting for me and for my life.




Vicki Varner Smith and Harry:  Had a very busy summer.  Grandsons came for a visit:  ages  three and six...was hilarious!

            Working in my small studio, searching for treasures in the thrift shops to paint, restore or repurpose.  Working on a chair “Blackbeard the Pirate” including a treasure map.  His home port was Swan Quarter, NC…there is  a great B and B, but not much there but shrimp boats.  Just finished a personal piece which is an old Victorian case from a thrift store…painted scenes from the fairy tale “The Frog Prince and Princess”.  On the last panel, the princess looks like a biker chick with a tattoo.  Author Grimm may be unhappy, but just my take on kissing a frog on any level. 

           Best and kindest wishes to all!


Stan Vlasak and Susan:  I am retired as of about two years ago and we now have three grandchildren:  Casey (5), and Nora (3) born to our son and his wife; and Benjamin (3) born to our daughter and her husband.  I am in two musical groups:  Folk and Rock and Roll. (Stan is our celebrity MC for our 55th!)


Jack Ward and Judy:  Life is wonderful!  Judy and I have been together for thirty-two years and married for twenty years as of October 8th, 2014!  Congratulations, Jack and Judy!  Judy and I enjoy hiking together.  As we walk outside our door, we have a magnificent  view the northern California beauty. There is an Estuary about a half a mile from our home.  One morning after the recent earthquake, there were thousands of white birds there…breathtaking! 

            I have two children by my first marriage.  Both are doing well.  One son lives in Houston and is a Urologic Oncologist at MD Anderson.  He has five children.  My second boy runs a computer web service. He’s in charge of my website www.proven fields.com    He has two kids.

            We have two of the most beautiful dogs in the world, Teddy Biscuit (10) and Baron (3). They were the top dogs in Carmel’s annual  Poodle Parade two years ago. ..and we didn’t even know there was a contest. 

            I am self-employed. My company is Proven Fields Energy which was formed seven years ago.  I have never had more fun in my life.  We are in the process of drilling two new wells and they look like they are going to come through!  You never know in the oil business.   We plan to fly into D.C. to visit our son and his family and then rent a car to drive to the reunion.  We are going to Carmel the Saturday before the reunion , so I will have plenty of Carmel stories to tell.   We are healthy and happy!


Peggy Wolcott Riviere and Elliot:  We have four wonderful granddaughters!  (No grandsons)  Both of our sons live close to us…AMEN!  Roger (the oldest) is an attorney.  Stephen creates apps. for computers.  Elliot and I are trying to get past his stroke…some progress.  We just returned from our Danube River Cruise…cruise, boat, food, and friends were perfect.  However, almost  twenty-five hours in transit were exhausting.  Then we headed to Flagstaff…another two and a half hours.  Got all accomplished and are back in Scottsdale. We are glad to be home.  Had a good visit with Carol (Holt ) Riviere and Burt . (Burt and Elliot are brothers.)  Have a wonderful reunion!


Barbara Yessel Lewis and Bill:  One of my paintings was selected by the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (part of Carnegie Mellon) for its permanent collection.  We continue to enjoy life, traveling to Hawaii in winter and to Europe in the fall.  Best wishes to all classmates!


Fritz Keck (class of ‘58) and Sydnee:  I am finally painting full time…images of old Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Heinz History Center and the University of Pittsburgh library system.  My website is:  www. fritzkeck.com  It is good to be back in Pittsburgh after forty-three  years and I’m very happy to be here.  Fritz and Sydnee will be attending our picnic at Kitty’s Farm!


OTHER CLASSMAATES:  Carole Alexander Barrett,  Beau Brinker and Phyllis,  Daniel Comenetz and Marian,  Larry Huck and Mary, Glen Grymes Husak and Alan,  Robert Karns and Artie Ann,  Hardie Lord and Marian,  Faye Miller and Lucien Delia, Charlene Moyer Simqu,  Linda Offill Freccia, George (Binky) Patterson,  Esy Reyes Reny and Robert,  Mike (Mickey)  Shevchik and Sandy,  Jim Sullivan and Lolly,  Jan Visser,  Marilyn Wahl Williams and Richard.