Our 55th Reunion Recap. Hope to See You at the Next One

From the 50th ..  reflection of the  50's

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The 50th Reunion Attendees Were 

index               Last      First Middle &  Spouse 

Bach_________ Bach, Christopher and Lynn
Beadling______ Hines, Joyce Beadling and Scott
Boynton______ Boynton, Skip
Burnham_____ Burnham, Diane
Bowden_______Bowden, Bruce and Lisa
Champ_______ Champ, Ron
Coats________ Coats, Jay and Cindy
Crawford_____ Tamarelli, Carol Crawford and Wayne
DeMore______ DeMore, Richard and Cindy
Dodd________ Simchock, Sue Dodd and John
Fleming______ Fleming, Glenn and Marge (Gillespie)
Gibson_______ McLain, Joan Gibson and Paul
Gillespie______ Fleming, Margery Gillespie and Glenn
Griggs_______ Griggs, Sally
Grymes______ Husak, Glen Grymes and Alan
Hawley_______ Barr, Penny Hawley and Gary Tate
Heller________ Heller, Ron and Barbara
Holden_______ Hamm, Susan Holden and Tommy
Holt_________ Riviere, Carol Holt and Burt
Huber_______ Huber, Jack and Russell
Hughes______ Leatham, Kitty Hughes
Jameson_____ Jameson, Don (DJ) and Sandy (Daw)
Jernstedt_____ Jernstedt, Chris and Margaret Ann
Kennon______ Schwarzbach, Karen Kennon and Bob
McIntosh_____ Hill, Cathy McIntosh and Robert
McLain_______ McLain, Paul and Joan (Gibson)
Morgan______ Stahlsmith, Ginny Morgan
Myers_______ Filbern, Linda Myers
Nichols______ Pape, Barbara Nichols and Art
Niesemann___ Ferguson, Kathi Niesemann and Jim
Parella_______ Husted, Gladys Lou Parella and James
Petras_______ Edwards, Jo Anne Petras and Gene
Roth________ Sky, Roz Roth and Phil
Schwarzbach_Schwarzbach, Bob and Karen (Kennon)
Scott________Scott, Jim
Shevchik____ Shevchik, Mike (Mickey) and Sandy
Snyder_____ Snyder, Eldan and Barbara (Klemm)
Symons______ Symons, Ed and Louise
Tamarelli_____ Tamarelli, Wayne and Carol (Crawford)
Thompson____ Thompson, Arlene
Townsend____ Townsend, William
Vlasak________ Vlasak, Stan and Susan
42 Classmates,  40 Spouses